We help organizations make critical decisions related to sustainability strategy, environmental and social impact of operations, stakeholder engagement and sustainability-related growth and cost opportunities. We work to ensure that sustainability efforts are anchored in business fundamentals and demonstrate a clear return on investment—and that those efforts are then firmly embedded within our clients' strategy and operations. Our teams specialize in a few key areas:

  • Integrating sustainability and strategy: We help companies factor the full range of social and environmental issues into strategy development and execution.
  • Sustainable supply chain: We work to optimize the use of natural resources with an emphasis on green supply chain initiatives and circular economics.
  • Inclusive markets: We help companies harness the production and consumption potential of individuals in developing markets across the globe.
  • Resource management: Our teams help address specific challenges facing organizations in resource-intensive industries.

Our sustainability and corporate responsibility consulting teams have worked with hundreds of clients across all geographic regions. We bring data-driven analysis, practical insights and proven methodologies to each of our engagements, along with deep expertise in sustainability issues in industries ranging from Consumer Products to Industrial Goods & Services, Mining, Utilities and Oil & Gas.